Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tips 1

1.While making the dough for puri if you add 1spoon of sugar, pongu(pop up) when you fry the poori will remain even after you remove from the bowl and keep aside.

2.Pachikobbari turumu remains for one month if you keep in freezer.

3.For cleaning the tiles in the kitchen add venigar or soda to warm water and use for cleaning.

4.For making the gold,silver and rold gold ornaments shine keep them in Gummadikaya rasam for few minutes.

5.Always add little besan(senagapindi) flour to curd when you are preparing any dish which requires curd to avoid curdling.

6. Add pinch of salt to the onions to fry them faster.

7. To reduce dry skin
a. Drink water daily about 3-4litres
b. Don't bath with too hot water
c. Try to reduce using soap instead use sunnipindi for bathing

8. To reduce throat infection(natural remedy)
a.Drink warm water
b.Brush with Neem stem
c.Drink Medium hot water + honey+ lemon juice for every 2-3 hrs
d.Gargling with warm water

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