Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snack (Chekkalu)


Rice flour- 1cup
Red Chillie powder  as required
Channa dal or Moong dal - Soak in water for 1/2hr
Salt to taste
Curry leaves
Oil for frying

Preparation time: 30mins


1. Mix Riceflour,chillie powder,channa dal pre-soaked,Salt,curry leaves,jeera ,1tablespoon of hot oil and enough water to make into a dough kindof texture.
2. Heat oil in medium flame.
3. Make round balls from the dough and press with hand on a cover(apply oil to the cover) on all sides till it comes to circle shape.
4. Fry all the small puri shaped mixtures in the oil till it turns to golden colour.

Snack is ready ;-)

Store this in a airtight container and it remains for few days.
You can also use green chillies instead of red chillie powder.

7 cups Sweet


Grated Coconut powder-1cup
Tray for spreading the sweet

Preparation time: 15mins


1. Put a bowl on the stove , add Besan,grated coconut,ghee,sugar and mix well for few minutes
2.Add Milk and again mix well.
3. Meanwhile apply ghee to the tray. After mixing the mixture well and when you see the bubbles coming spread the mixture in the tray.
4. Keep for few minutes and you can cut it in the shape you like.

Sweet is ready ;-)

Pallila Sweet(Peanut Sweet)


Peanuts -1cup
water till jaggery dissolves
Tray for spreading the sweet

Preparation time: 20mins


1. Dry roast Peanuts and remove the skin.
2. Grind peanuts  not to fine powder but coarsely. There should be peanuts seen in the powder. Grinding for  2 sec is enough.
3. Pour water in a bowl and add jaggery. Let it boil till the syrup is thick.
4. Add the Peanut mixture and mix well.
5. Meanwhile apply oil or ghee to the tray and spread the hot mixture.
Let it cool for sometime and u can cut it in what ever shape you like.

Sweet is Ready ;-)