Tuesday, July 15, 2008


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Dachau concentration camp

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In the Shape of Car

olympic stadium

BMW Headquarters and BMW Museum

Coconut Rice

cook rice separately make sure it is fluffy.

Add oil in a bowl(coconut oil or sunflower oil),
Add red chillie, little mustard seeds,cumin and saute.
Add channa dal(senagapappu) , after it changes the colour add urad dal, green chillies, curry leaves, chopped ginger,cashew nuts then add little bit of salt,sugar and saute till soft.add the Now add the freshly grated coconut and salt if requried.
You can add hing in the oil if you want. Finally add cooked rice and mix well

If you make the recipe with coconut milk then no need to add sugar.

Here comes the tasty coconut rice!!

Tips 2

Green chillies to be fresh: To keep the chilies fresh for a longer time, remove the stems before storing in the fridge.

coriander to be fresh for long time: Cut the bottom of the coriander bunch and place it in a collander and wash it in runing water. Make sure that there is no sand. Let the water drain compeletely (it takes 15-20mins). now place a paper towel at the base of the box/zip lock bag first and then the coriander leaves. Place another paper towel on top. The coriander leaves generally wilt because of the water. So, by placing paper towel above and below the coriander leaves.. the paper absorbs the excess water and therefore the leaves remain fresh longer.

Green chillies to be fresh: to keep green chillies fresh remove the stem and apply turmeric powder it will avoid green chillies turning in airtight container.

For Beautiful nails :To have beautiful nails u have to rub garlic on ur nails they will not break and moreover look beautiful.

For Fluffy rice: always soak rice before an hour before making palav.

sticky bendi: dont wash them instead wipe them with a cloth and fry it makes it less sticky or add yogurt to remove stickyness

Removing oil marks from cloths: put some talcom powder or wheat flour on the mark and leave for 5 min and then rub it and now it can be washed.

Cleaning mirrors:Always clean mirrors with paper u can have a clean n sparkling mirrors

soft pooris: to make the pooris soft and tasty we have to add some milk and hot oil to the flour while mixing the dough.

curing pimples:crush mint leaves,tulasi leaves,and pour it into the ice cube tray and freeze to become cubes,then massage those cubes on to the face,within two weeks the pimples vanish.

Thursday, July 10, 2008