Monday, August 27, 2012

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Desk Calender with Quilling

Hi all,

Made my version of a Desk calender with Quilled flowers and diecut butterflies, i really dont know the meaning of diecut always thought that we need big machines like bigshot(only name i know :) ), then after searching i came to know that it can be of any shape as long as i cut the shape.  Handdrawn the butterflies and cut and added some glitter on it.Here i used Diecut,Flowers and Glitter so satisfies the diagonal coloumn from BINGO of Beyondgrey challenges. 
Learnt to make a braid  from here, which i kept on top of the calender. Used binding rings for the first time.

I am also submitting  for the love of crafting   only recently i came to know the meaning of CAS. As it was said to submit any project, i think my calender qualifies as a project.Please tell me whether this is called a CAS proj ,if not  i will delete my entry.

Hope you all like it

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

First box

Hi all 
Atlast completed my box, i have done a box with drawers, saw the youtube for this, I tried this box few days back and after i completed the actual box my friends son pulled all the drawers inside ,squeezed and what not,saw only after they left, was very depressed that i was not able to submit inspite of trying my first box made by doing all the measurements with scale. Thats the reason the box after opening is uneven. Some how decided to repair it and decorated with design paper and quilled on the lid.  Pasted few stickers of leaves ,flowers and butterfly inside the box. Wanted to try Inna's beautiful poppy flower but mine turned out to be something :). 

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Hi all

Wishing all my fellow Indians a Very Happy Independence Day of our Country.
Made a simple proj with our Indian map and quilled flowers. Drew the outline with black paper strip,done with my fingers, now i think the tweezers would have been very useful,should get one, but i think it has come out well. Quilled flowes are tight coils in the shape of petal and middle flower is a fringed flower.
I have done this on a cardboard.
Took a picture with the webcam :)

Hope you like it.

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Please let me know if my proj qualifies in your challenge as i have done it on a cardboard  and does the flower  called an embellishment.


Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hi all,

Never thought that i would try quilling letters this soon. I read about the challenge by Pritesh about the quillography. I was little hesitant and was not confident whether i could do it, but somehow wanted to atleast participate in her challenge. I searched about it and  started doing it, I wanted to do my son's name after I started learning quilling from Smita.   My son's name is Pradyumna (Lord Krishna's son's name) so used the peacock colours(my most favourite colours).  I had a cardboard which is 27'' by 8.5''. Hope my entry qualifies as it was said to use minimum of A4.  I could not leave the rest of the cardboard blank so quilled a few animals. A monkey hanging between tree and letter P, A Snail on letter R, An Elephant carrying letter A (sorry if it doesn't seem like that :)) , A cat on letter D, A Rabbit with carrot under letter Y,  A Lion on letter Y and letter U, A hen on Letter M, A tortoise on letter N, A butterfly on Letter A (its made  by combing technique,learnt from, she is a wonderful quiller, hope to learn and try many more from her) I quilled a train on left hand side corner and a bird on a branch on the right hand corner. I explained it because the pictures are not clear enough. I am still taking the pictures with my phone, should get a new memory card. My son is 2yr old and he doesn't know his name properly and don't know what i have quilled ,he always says the quilling as pulu( means flower in telugu) and he kissed all the animals and letters so many many times. That is what he does for every quilling work i do. And on this cardboard you may find some oil marks that is because he was kissing all the animals saying their names with the oily hands which i realized lateron.

 The scale in the picture is 12 inches.

I am very happy to submit my quilling work for Pritesh's challenge. Thanks Pritesh for making me do something new.

Hope you like it.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

simple card

Hi all,

Made this card today using one and only punch i have. I tried doing it in a different way. am happy with the result and with my new flower, i have taken pics of the way it actually started. I am really very bad in explaining things. I actually made the flower and thought it will be well understood with the pics and made the step 2 and 3 again to take the photo. step 4 comes by taking 2 punched flowers and arranging on the step 3, keeping one flower normally and curling the top punched flower inside. And again on top of that i have cut one petal of the flower and pasted the ends. So it comes like a cup easy to hold the quilled punched flower.  Hope you will understand by the pictures. will take a clear picture at day time tomorrow, please bare with these till then.

Punch used
step 2 :I made the middle part of the flower by quilling the strip which has two petals of the punched flower and likewise do it for whole strip.

step 3:  The base of the flower is made by attaching 3 punched flowers folded in half. 

step 4 : on top of step 3 paste two normally punched flowers, leaving the first layer, curl inside the second layer and add the quilled punched flower.

You will definitely laugh at my sentiment. Used swarovski crystals beside the flower. I don't know how the paint drops are made in the case study of beyondgrey challenge but i used tooth brush and a scale with the watercolours :) . Want to mention that none of the products are Indian made but its handmade as i have recently entered into the craft world. collecting all the stuff needed for crafting from India and will get it next time for sure.

clicked in daylight today

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thankyou TEACHER

Hi all,

Made this card especially for two challenges, they are Pretty Paper studio and Hands 2 Hearts challenges.
The card has a quilled girl carrying quilled roses to say thankyou to her teacher :).  As the theme this time in hands 2 Hearts is a 'special Teacher' and  used Hexagon and Triangle in my card which was the theme of Pretty Paper studio. The dress of the girl is a quilled Triangle,made the border for hexagon from punched flower(only have one flower punch :)). The border for the sentiment is done by fiskars paper edgers.

This is the result of my 2month old quilling art i learnt. I don't have any Pattern Papers,punches,stamps nothing, so handwritten the sentiment . I think am only the oddone out in these challenges. I will definitely get it and try next time when i go to India. Meanwhile collecting all the information needed. Dr.Sonia thanks for your post about the craft shops in India, was very helpful.

Hope you all like it and please tell me your comments so that i can improve.

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 Hands 2 Hearts Challenge

Pretty Paper studio

Monday, August 6, 2012

My First Recycle project


This is the decorated pot hanging submitting for the challenge.Thought  i wouldn't be able to do it this time, i know that there are many good projects submitted than mine but atleast  will have satisfaction that i have participated. I do not have any jute and thought i would do something from recycled item which i was inspired from many bloggers.

pot used for hanging

This is the base of the pot,which i covered with paper and brown strips. The flowers in the below pic are brown punched flowers. I made some quilled flowers which hangs from the pot with the support of straws.(pink and yellow alternative).

sorry for the low picture quality,my memory card is not readable and i need to take a photo with my phone. 

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For the love of crafting,