Monday, August 11, 2008

Lentils Soup

1.Cut carrots,onions into fine dices or put it in the blender (or grind) if you want to save some time.
2. Soak any lentils(pappulu) in water and keep them in pressure cooker to become soft. You can use split peas(kandi pappu),moong dal(pesara pappu),black eyed beans(white ga unde beans),kidney beans.
3. Heat oil in a pan, add 3 spoons of oil , saute onions ,celery and carrots till they become little brownish in colour.
4. Then add the vegetable stock (liquid which can be prepared before , the liquid we get after boiling all the vegetables) , add the lentils cooked and keep for about half an hour.
5.Add salt, pepper, bay leaf (biryani aaku)
6. Keep it in the blender if you want in the liquid form or else you can have like that.

Soup Ready :)

1 comment:

prathima said...

soup is gud looking..and smelling delicious too...
but i dnt know wat r lentils,Bay leaf,Kidneys beans and specific while u write and write it in a way which can be understood by a illeterate like me....
no offence meant:-)