Monday, August 11, 2008

VegCoconut Soup

1.Wash toor dal (kandi pappu) and cook with water for 10min
2.In a saucepan,heat the oil. Add the onions,turmeric,garlic,carrot and saute(veyinchali) for 2 to 3minutes.
3.Add the dal, water, chopped tomatoes,curry powder and pepper.
4.Simmer over medium heat for 35minutes until the dal is soft.
5.Let it cool and blend the mixture . Then add coconut milk, salt and cilantro(kothimeera).
6.Gently simmer for 5mins and serve hot

Soup is ready :)

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prathima said...

Toor dal????????????????????????
telugu amma telugu.english teriyadddddd