Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Happy Sankranthi to all of you!!
This is the sweet i made today..


Channa dal(Senagapappu)
Maida/Wheat flour

Preparation time: 30mins


1.Take 1cup of Maida/Wheatflour and make into dough by adding little water.
2. Keep channadal with water in cooker till 5 whistles. The dal should become soft.
3. Remove the water from the dal and add jaggery. The heat of the dal makes jaggery to melt.
4. Add ilachi and grind the whole mixture without water. 
5. Make small balls from the mixture. Make the balls from Maida/Wheatflour and press as a puri, keep the sweet mixture in between the puri and fold on all the sides, and again press as a puri. 
6. Heat the puri shaped sweet which is called bobbatlu on both sides. 

Sweet is ready :)

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