Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KobbariMamudikaya Pachadi

Happy New Year to all of you!!
My First post in 2009, 
They usually say that eventhough we dont make anything at home, a pickel and rice makes a good meal which satisfies our tastebuds(ofcourse its not healthier always). I would like to post few recipes of daily made pickels. 
 Though Avakaya has the first place, we cannot make it when ever we want. So iam sharing the pickels which my amma used to make.
Here comes my all time favourite chutney..


Raw Mango
Salt to taste 
For seasoning(talimpu):
Urad dal(minapappu)
Red chillies
Curry leaves
Mustard seeds(aavalu)
Cumin seeds(jeelakarra)

Preparation time: 15mins


1. Cut the coconut into small cubes and grind it first.
2. Add the mango pieces to the above mixture with chillie powder, salt and grind it by adding little water. 
3. Heat oil in a pan . Add the urad dal, mustard seeds,cumin seeds, turmeric,curry leaves, red chillies and hing.
4. Add the  coconut-mango mixture to the pan and take off the pan from the stove. 

Chutney is ready :)

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