Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Its been a while since i posted on the blog, recently learnt a new art called quilling by smita who conducted workshop here in swiss, thanks to her and i am loving it. wanted to do something with the basic designs she taught me. going through so many blogs and getting inspired but don't understand where to start. I hardly get 1 hr in my day because of my kid. When ever i start quilling he comes and kisses the flowers i make and says 'nice amma' he is 2yrs old. i am posting few pics which i have done on a normal paper and handcut paper. I am just using the old cardboards which i find in my home like cornflakes box. Also i have seen few challenges in many blogs thought i will enter into one to atleast get some fuel on what to start. But seeing many good and brilliant quillers  i dont think iam eligible.

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