Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hi all,

Never thought that i would try quilling letters this soon. I read about the challenge by Pritesh about the quillography. I was little hesitant and was not confident whether i could do it, but somehow wanted to atleast participate in her challenge. I searched about it and  started doing it, I wanted to do my son's name after I started learning quilling from Smita.   My son's name is Pradyumna (Lord Krishna's son's name) so used the peacock colours(my most favourite colours).  I had a cardboard which is 27'' by 8.5''. Hope my entry qualifies as it was said to use minimum of A4.  I could not leave the rest of the cardboard blank so quilled a few animals. A monkey hanging between tree and letter P, A Snail on letter R, An Elephant carrying letter A (sorry if it doesn't seem like that :)) , A cat on letter D, A Rabbit with carrot under letter Y,  A Lion on letter Y and letter U, A hen on Letter M, A tortoise on letter N, A butterfly on Letter A (its made  by combing technique,learnt from, she is a wonderful quiller, hope to learn and try many more from her) I quilled a train on left hand side corner and a bird on a branch on the right hand corner. I explained it because the pictures are not clear enough. I am still taking the pictures with my phone, should get a new memory card. My son is 2yr old and he doesn't know his name properly and don't know what i have quilled ,he always says the quilling as pulu( means flower in telugu) and he kissed all the animals and letters so many many times. That is what he does for every quilling work i do. And on this cardboard you may find some oil marks that is because he was kissing all the animals saying their names with the oily hands which i realized lateron.

 The scale in the picture is 12 inches.

I am very happy to submit my quilling work for Pritesh's challenge. Thanks Pritesh for making me do something new.

Hope you like it.

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Dr Sonia S V said...

Kavitha this is such a touching project-- you have brought the scene to life with the sweet description of your little one kissing the animals!! I think it is super special for all the oil stains and I so admire you for letting your little one touch and feel your hard work!!
I think just the emotion behind your project makes it a winner.Wishing you all the best in Pritesh challenge and Pritesh if you are reading this do consider my 10 out of 10 marks for this lovingly made project!!

angelin said...

Wow !! this is absolutely great and fabulous Kavi.
Good luck in the challenge .
to be honest i've been quilling for more than two yrs ...still i am not confidant with quilling letters HAVE DONE A GREAT JOB .

SmilingArts said...

Soo sweet ..very nice one waiting for another week..then will start on this proj...very happy that you mentioned me..:)thanks !

Kavi said...

thanks a lot, your comments Made My Day DR.Sonia, thanks angelin and thanks smita and you are the reason behind this ,its my pleasure to mention.

Prathima Sanju said...

Good going kapi dear....gud thng is ur son understud ur lov for him...all the best n keep it up

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Beautiful one Kavitha :) I looooove that touch of little animals :)

Kavi said...

Thanks Pritesh

Sujana Sarath said...

Cute Project Kavitha.

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.

Quilltique Paradise said...

This is a lovely project~ I really looove all the little animals.heheh...they look so cute.! Grats.


Birgit said...

What a great work!!! I love it! There is so much there and it is so fun and sweet-Love all the animals. This is a true keepsake especially that he kissed all the animals. Thanks for your comments on my blog:)

Loz said...

This is a fantastic project Kavitha..i saw this on MIM..Loz

Julia said...

I saw your beautiful creation on Make It Monday and had to visit and take a closer look. Gorgeous!
Quilling is something I've never tried, but you have inspired me. TFS!
I am your newest follower.
My entries are: #165, #189, #217, #227 and #228.
I would love to have you visit my blog!

craft crazy said...

This is super cute! :)