Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to School

Hi all

Made a card for BGC -Back to school.  I have made layers of grass,road with papers and hand drawn the shool bus and children on a card , cut it and pasted on the road. clouds are also drawn and cut from a thick card. Used flower beads on the grass. Sentiment is a Printout.
I had seen the image in a book of my kid. Coloured with water colour pencils.

I dont know why my photo comes dull when the image is coloured with pencils. Can anyone share their experience of the way to photograph these kind of images. I took the photo in both day light and in the room. still not satisfied. should learn more to take nice pics.
On a personal note, My son always is the first one to comment on my cards. He was asking where is the driver of this bus and wants this bus to move.  :).

hope you all like it

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PJ said...

hi kavitha
Nice drawing ! :) Love the scene you have got going there!!
About what you asked for photography ,there are 3 main points to keep in mind.

1. Make sure the light falls on the Object from front and above , never from behind.

2. Basically click in the morning or afternoon , never in the night , unless you have a very strong lighting system.

3.Always click with a Light color background , white backgrounds give the best effect , Use a chart paper in white for the background or click against a white wall.

Hope that helps
with that note
Thanks for entering with Beyond Grey !

lavina agarwal said...

very cute card, love all the drawing and cutting. your son has asked very logical questions! kids are so smart these days!!

Pooja said...

Wow ! This is a cute card ! I liked it specially bcoz of hand drawn images.
Thanks for wishing kavitha It really means a lot to me !
Me too facing similar problem with pencil colored cards.Will have to find camera setting to increase contrast and reduce brightness.

Deepti Stephens said...

So cute!! love ur drawing!!

Teresa Kline said...

super sweet card, great scene....hope you have a fabulous week!

enjoy *~*

Sathya said...

Love ur drawing...

Melissa_Melz said...

love your idea to draw :)
Thanks for sharing and playing on BGC :)

gud luck

Kiranmayee K said...
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Kiranmayee K said...

I too get the same problem sometimes, but I adjust the brightness/contrast etc in Photoshop to get the image look exactly like how it looks to the human eye. I have never tried a light box, but heard it's good. Let me know if u try it :)

Deepti Stephens said...

Congratulation on ur top3 at BGC

Sathya said...

Congrats on top3 @ BGC