Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just my feeling

Hi all

This post is not about any craft project. Its just a personal mail  where i want to share my feelings with you all. I had an interest in craft from my childhood and never found time to do anything like this as am doing now. Thanks to smita who   kindly shared her quilling art. I learnt my first class in june and i roughly remember the month as july when i first entered some challenge. And in these five months i had experienced so many things,inspired from many and learnt few things which i can just ignore but i couldnot. Its not fair if i write anything like this anywhere, because its my blog i can share my opinions about something.
After participating in the challenges in these 5months ,i want to share something i observed. I am specifically talking about only Indian challenges. I participated in every challenge without missing, am just not saying this because i didn't win anything. There are many talented crafters out there, i really admire their work. They are all the people who also started the same way as any new crafter and established themselves,once participated in the Indian challenges and now became DTs.  What i don't understand is DTs of one Indian challenge participate in other Indian challenge and tell me whose work will be more good and attractive, the one with 3yrs of experience in crafting world or a months experience crafter.  And obviously they are the people who get recognised more, that is not bad thing but just imagine. I am definitely sure that somebody somewhere will feel the same way as i felt being a new crafter. And they have so many wonderful tools needed to make a nice card, i dont say that people who have should give chance to others. You can definitely participate in other than Indian challenges. I  know that iam not the one to give rules ,but this might give you an idea that some people may think like this too. This is not about all the DTs but  only few who participate in other  Indian challenge blogs and obviously their work wins,there is no surprise in that.  This is not about the people who have tools,who have experience,but mainly who participate being DT of other Indian blogs. And everyone who participate will not casually do something without keeping challenge in mind and there will be lot of work gone into it.

This is the thing i felt after seeing many challenges not a one day feeling.I think after feeling bad for myself for quite  sometime i thought its time for me to do something for myself not just for challenges. And i cannot even craft for few days as i burnt my fingers while stopping the flames. I am still writing with those fingers to just let you know about how a new crafter feels.Thanks to everyone who comments on my work and it really encourages me.  I will definitely share my projects with you all.

thanks for reading


Catherine said...

Hi Kavitha, Hope you are ok now. Take care. Appreciate ur thoughts. I have always wondered how to compete with other crafters who own lot of fancy tools to create their cards. But still I keep participating in the challenges. It will be good if there are challenges announced then n there concentrating on the minimal use of tools like quilling,paper piecing and coloring.


Pooja said...

Hi Kavita ! Like you I am also a new crafter with no tools.Initially I also felt bad for not winning . Now I see it as one more chance to improve ! crafting for ourselves is far more rewarding than any challenge.SO do what you like and if it fits in any challenges participate in it. Take care ! Will be looking forward to your crafts !!

Kavitha Vadhri said...

Thanks for your reply catherine and pooja,it is not at all about the tools ,because everyone who participates does only for challenge related to the theme and after observing these many months my point was about the people who participate that is DTs only. I know that i will be hated for this type of writing. I dont bother about winning now because i can guess the winners before they tell.

Smita Satish said...

I can completely understand your feeling kavitha..I also agree with what Pooja says that you get a chance to improve and think of new topics that the challenge offers..and do what you like and if it fits then add to the challenge..If you have put your creativity in the project you will feel good about your work.I have experienced it when I keep my know people come and appreciate your work and at the end of the day when you have not sold much but the good feeling that many of them liked you work ..keeps me going on..last but not the least thing I want to tell you that create for your satisfaction and not for any challenges or competition.I have felt many times when I go with all the challenges conditions then my work does not come out well but when u do it on your will feel leave what others what u like to do..:)..I hope I did not write too much..have a nice crafty day

Sathya said...

Dear Kavitha, Everyone commented here has clearly pinponited one thing...Do create for your own and then do check for the challenges which fits/suits your card/work theme. I think it really works well..I usually will do so for many challenges...Yet at times, when my creativity mood is off, i will go and check challenge blogs, and in that way, the challenge makes me to think about a theme, which takes a perfect shape in my own way...
So let ur creativity fly high...and dont get affectd by these kind of blog politics...

Take care,

Sending u happy and crafty thoughts all the way from UAE,


Dr Sonia S V said...

Dear Kavitha dont feel you need fancy tools to create awesome stuff...I for one only got fancy tools such as die cutting machines only recently.You just need paper,scissors and glue plus your imagination to make awesome papercrafts!!I used to share your view that the work was judged by the fancy stuff used is by some challenges when the DT judging are impressed by such stuff.The very first top 3 for me was at a fabsite called Digital was a recycled clock project with simple quilling...nothing fancy used at all!!Also my 1st Indian challenge top 3 at Crafty Jc[very special blog] was with a pop up card made with just paper and craft punches or dies.At times challenges can restrict our creativity and yes one does feel disappointed at not becoming top 3 if you have put your heart into it.I visit your blog and admire your work and the magic your hands work ..I and am sure many of your blog admirers like me dont give a hoot whether you come top 3 in a challenge or not..after all lot of other criteria go in to judging challenges!!Your work rocks Kavitha and dont ever doubt that.
your ardent admirer

Sudha said...

I completely agree with Dr. Sonia dear. Even I don't have such fancy n expensive tools dear.
You just need paper, scissors, glue n ur imagination..nothing fancy n expensive.
I think The best n the bestest is when u create n utilize with only the things around u n not with the expensive dies n punches dear..So create create n more create.

Tk. Care dear.


Kavitha Vadhri said...

yeah you are all right. But unfortunately tools are not the one i stressed and talked about mainly. anyway thanks for your opinions.

megha said...

hey kavitha, dear,be HAPPY.i got your point,you r right on DT'S point of view,about their participating ,but dear we can't do anything.chance is given for all.but the thing goes wrong when in one they r on judge post and have voting power and in other they r participants....and here automatically goes for give n take policy.but at last the HAPPY thing is just to craft

Catherine said...

Kavitha, i forgot to mention one more thing. I had 2 points of concern while taking part in any challenge - one is the fancy cuts,dies n coloring mediums filled submission n the other one is the creativity of the other participants. I feel the challenges are announced for all n everybody has the right to use the chance given. But always had felt that there can be a rule that the inspiration project prepared by a DT cannot be submitted for another challenge. Isnt that ok?


Pooja said...

Hey kavitha ! You made it to top 3 in back to school challenge ! Congrats..! So there finally something to cheer you up !