Saturday, November 24, 2012

Birthday card-- Quilled Heart

Hi all,

This is the card made for my friend on her Husband's birthday. Its a basic 4 by 6 card with lots of quilling in, should have made on a big card,felt afterwards. Tried a different pop up cake from . I hade used two different coloured papers inside the card and then put a cake, only after doing everything i realized that the card was not closing properly, felt very bad for that. dont try like this if you want to, just put a single paper. Tried putting the cake directly on the cardstock but doesn't look good.

Love your opinions.


Sathya said...

Love that multi strips heart and cakes with popping candles!!! Cute !!!

Pooja said...

Very nice quilling kavitha !I face same problem when using layers of paper.Its better to score the card stocks earlier ,check for folding and them paste it.