Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Quilled Name plate

Hi all,

How are u all? Its been a very long time. Enjoying my stay in India. Finally got access to internet. This is the name plate done for my co-sister's daughter. I am not getting time to do any of my quilling work, but one day finally for her i made this in 5 hrs with some break in the middle. My father in law got it framed. I did not get dark coloured papers here, i had only pink yellow and couple of strips i got it from swiss. so had to do with what i have , not much satisfied.  I should have planned it better.
I am missing all the updates from all my blogger friends, will soon be back . 

Thanks for becoming my followers, thanks for the award hima bindhu,nice to get it on my birthday.

Happy Crafting to all of you